Aeryn + Josh

So we have a little bit of a “new look” and an intro video added to the website. I’m so excited about it even though it’s been a slow transitioning process at the moment but we’re getting there just in time for Wedding Season. I’ll gush all about the new stuff in another post though. Until then, here are some of my fave images from Aeryn + Josh’s engagement session we shot in Baldwin Park about a month ago. (Oh, how behind I am with blogging! #StoryOfMyLife 😛 ) These two are so darn cute and just lovely together. There was a storm abrewing the afternoon we shot these (I call it my Baldwin Park curse…it rains every time I shoot there). So as you can imagine with our “lovely” Florida humidity, it was terribly muggy out but Aeryn and Josh trooped it on out anyway with gorgeous smiles and pure loveliness that I forgot how crazy hot it was that day. I adore this colorful session of these love birds and I just can’t wait to document their Wedding day this weekend! 🙂

AERYNJOSH011 copy AERYNJOSH020 copy AERYNJOSH022 copy AERYNJOSH034 copy AERYNJOSH038 copy AERYNJOSH054 copy AERYNJOSH061 copy AERYNJOSH069 copy AERYNJOSH072 copy AERYNJOSH090 copy AERYNJOSH092 copy AERYNJOSH099 copy AERYNJOSH111 copy   AERYNJOSH123 copy AERYNJOSH124 copy AERYNJOSH121 copy

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