Alicia + Tim

Here are my favorite images from Alicia and Tim’s engagement session that we photographed around a couple of the Disney resorts. We started this sweet couples session in and around Fort Wilderness Lodge right in the middle of Spring Break so we were dodging quite a few passerby’s which is always fun. 😉 The Lodge is a lovely place for pictures. It’s gorgeous scenery all around there that you would never believe it’s a resort from pictures but that’s Disney’s picturesque look I supposed. 🙂 Alicia and Tim then had a quick wardrobe change and we hopped a boat over to the Fort Wilderness campgrounds which I may have seen years ago but never actually took pictures there. I guess there used to be an entrance to River Country when it was still open but now it’s all boarded up, abandoned, and moldy which is sad. I loved that water park as a kid….you wouldn’t want to swim in there now. :/ Anyway, this was a great area to end Alicia and Tim’s engagement session since this was where he had proposed and where they used to spend family vacations. I love when couples pick locations that have sentimental value for them! Makes for a great shoot and something that says something about “them” as a couple. Alicia and Tim are down-to-earth, sweet, and have a fun side. It was a joy to photograph their Love for one another on this lovely afternoon. I can not wait for their October Wedding this year! 🙂

IMG_5606-copy IMG_5592 IMG_5602 IMG_5651 IMG_5674 IMG_5838 IMG_5778-copy IMG_6047 IMG_6221-copy IMG_6250-copy IMG_6279 IMG_6306-copy IMG_6356-copy IMG_6370 IMG_6457 IMG_6124-copy sign

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