Alyssa + Chuck

Apparently I’ve been slacking in regards to posting “everyday” so I guess that’s going to have to be one of my many New Years resolutions. :/ lol! The last few days have been really enjoyable. Christmas was low-key and lovely which is why I probably don’t an awful lot to say about it. lol! I think the hardest thing about posting everyday is working out what to write. Not an awful lot happens during my day lately. How bad does that sound? Sounds so depressing when it’s really quite the opposite. haha! What I mean is, contrary to what others may believe, the post processing of what I do is really quite unglamorous and well…..let’s just say my computer, yoga pants (I don’t even do yoga) and I have an extremely deep connection. 😉 Lately, while editing I’ve been naughtily catching up on my English soaps and my “guilty pleasure” TV. (I’m completely addicted to The Only Way is Essex these days. So Reem. 😉 ) Sometimes, I don’t even take in what’s going on during the show, I just like to hear noise in the background while I work. Weird right?

Any who, here are some highlight images from Alyssa and Chuck’s wedding. We had only met on Skype previously and I think they were the first couple to ever send me a save the date. Too Cute. I kind of get nervous about shooting a couple I’ve either never met before or haven’t photographed their engagement pictures. Even so, these two worked it on out during picture which made my job that much easier and so fun. Alyssa and Chuck’s wedding details were some of my favorites this year. Plus, I’m a major yellow fan in regards to weddings! Love it! I kinda melted inside once I saw Alyssa was going to go for a birdcage veil. I ADORE birdcage veils. They’re my fav! Definitely added the right amount of vintage touch to they’re gorgeous Fall-time wedding.

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