Anna Maria Island || Bradenton Beach, FL

Bride & Groom: Dakota & Cody
Ceremony/ReceptionAnna Maria Island Dream Inn
Dress DesignerDavid’s Bridal

Today, I have Dakota & Cody’s Anna Maria Island Wedding to boast about! 🙂 I’d never actually been to this beach before this day but I would definitely go back to visit. 🙂 Dakota & Cody got ready with their bridal party and family at Dream Inn which was conveniently located right on the beach. At the beginning of the day, most of their family members helped to prepare the BBQ dinner that would be eaten in the evening. They also put together all the items for their reception area such as their centerpieces, gift table, decor, ect,. Everything was decorated with the beach in mind with lots of turquoise, sea glass, and starfish. Dakota even handmade the mens unique boutonnieres with shells, ribbon, and tiny starfish. There was lots of DYI and craft making that pulled their Wedding decor together. These decorations made the day sentimental to Dakota & Cody’s relationship while also tying in their beach-themed Wedding location. Dakota & Cody opted for a first look which we all know is a moment I love to capture! Seeing each other before the ceremony meant that would could take the opportunity to photograph this sweet couple around and about the hotel property, then jump into photographing their family portraits and then the bridal party images without the rush of having to get it all done during cocktail hour. As the sun started to set, Dakota & Cody sweetly exchanged handwritten vows along the seaside. At the end of their Ceremony, we photographed a handful of officially married images on the beach with just the two of them. At the end of a fun-filled reception, their friends and family made an archway full of sparklers along the beach for the happy couple to run through sealing the end of a beautiful and perfect Wedding day.

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