Anna + Paul

Here are some of my favorite images from Anna and Paul’s Jacksonville Wedding day.  Anna and Paul are the sweetest. I loved that they picked to do a First Look and I loved the location they picked to do it in too. It was gorgeous! I’m not too familiar with Jacksonville area at all so it was nice to shoot somewhere a little different. Anna and Paul’s First Look was adorable and we had a great opportunity to get all their Wedding images completed before their walk down the aisle. Their Ceremony was held at Anna’s family church where her dad officiated for the two of them. I didn’t realize how often I see dad’s officiating their daughters Weddings. I do happen to see that quite a lot and I think it’s such a special memory and says a lot about a father/daughter bond. Especially on a wedding day. It’s lovely. 🙂 After Anna and Paul said “I do” they had a trivia inspired reception which was a first for me but really cool! The trivia questions were all things pertaining to Anna and Paul’s relationship and the things they enjoy doing together… of them being cross-fit. They incorporated elements of cross-fit into their wedding day which was fun. Anna’s one and only request was to have a couple of images of her wearing these cool looking running shoes which actually look more like a foot glove but how cool right? For their exit, Anna and Paul actually changed into workout clothes and ran down an aisle formed of family and friends cheering them on as they got to the finish line/getaway car. 😉 I just love when couples make their day theirs by adding hints of the personality and interests into it. It makes the day that much more unique and fun to photograph. Anna and Paul’s day was no different. It was a gorgeous day and I enjoyed every moment of it.

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To see more from Anna + Paul’s Wedding Day, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow, or simply view it here:

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