Ashley + Scott

I used to work at Apple. People that have worked at Apple before know what “that’s” like. It’s definitely an amazing company to work for and great “project” to be a apart of. However, it’s still retail. I’ve worked all kinds of retail jobs in the past but the difference in working somewhere like Apple are the things you learn about the unattainable. One of the biggest things I learned there is that people will always hate on what they can’t have. As your name starts to float around more and more, you do start to get haters. So far the only people that decide to hate on me are the ones who haven’t been able to have me as a photographer for whatever reason. I certainly don’t claim to be best photographer on the planet but I do work hard at what I do and I genuinely adore each and every one of my couples. 99.9% of the time they love me back and I don’t believe it’s just because of the photos I produce because let’s be honest….there are a TON of people out there that do a similar job to me but may not bring the personality and honesty along with it or they may be lacking in something else. I’m certainly not without flaws. I’m an awful phone person, I’m not big on telling people no, and I drop off the face of the earth to avoid letting people down sometimes. Some might think that’s ethically wrong in a business-sense and quite frankly I really don’t care. I run my business how I want and if you like me cool, let’s work together and if not, I certainly won’t be losing sleep about it. My goal is to provide beautiful images to the couples that went with their gut and decided to book me right away before somebody else did. If you slept on me and missed your opportunity then that’s too bad. 🙂

Moving on to a couple that didn’t sleep on me….the lovely Ashley and Scott exchanged vows at the gorgeous Winter Park Methodist church and partied the night away at the Winter Park Civic Center. October 22nd was a HIGHLY demanded wedding date last year. Surprisingly way more than 11.11.11. Weird right? Stephanie helped second shoot for me on this one and how lucky I was to have her join in on the fun that day! Ashley and Scott opted for an oh-so-sweet First Look so we able to photograph all their family and bridal party portraits before the Ceremony. First Looks are so swag these days so I wasn’t surprised at all when these two went for it. 🙂 The day was completely gorgeous with great weather, lots of laughter, and ended with an even more gorgeous reception. I had an absolute blast documenting Ashley and Scott’s beautiful day.


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