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Bride & Groom: Amanda & Ian

Today, I have Amanda & Ian’s very cute Baldwin Park engagement session to gush about! I think one of the main things I love about engagement session is how different each of them are. Every couple arrives with their own set of personality traits, fashion styles and unique little quirks. I’m always excited to see what everybody brings to the table the day of their session. Amanda & Ian in particular did not disappoint. These two know how to have a good laugh with each other and play in front of the camera. It was a very fun afternoon of capturing all their sweet little moments together.

We started the session off midway between the lake area and the main shopping area of Baldwin Park center. There’s lots of lush trees and bridges all around which always makes for naturalistic styled photos. We ventured along the pathways grabbing candid images between the two of them and made a stop for one of my favorite areas there. There’s a very popular “waterfall” area that I like so I placed Amanda and Ian just in the middle of it and I was very pleased with how the two of them photographed there. 🙂

Amanda & Ian’s had an outfit change halfway through their engagement session and we made our way towards the dock area just in time for sunset. By this point it had got a little windy which I think worked well for the setting and Amanda’s flowy maxi dress. Luckily, it was much less busy than normal by this point so we were able to dodge the usual unsuspecting photobombers this time around. 🙂 Overall, this was a gorgeous session and I’m so pleased to have captured these moments for this lovely couple. I just cannot wait till the Wedding Day now! 🙂

Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_001 Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_002 Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_003 Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_004 Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_005 Baldwin_Park_Orlando_Florida_Engagement_006 sign

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