Bok Towers || Lake Wales, FL

Bride & Groom: Rachel & Shawn
Ceremony/ReceptionBok Towers
Florist: Cindy’s Floral
CoordinatorRita Horton for Bok Towers
Cake ArtistPublix
DJ/LightingRicardo Bazan
Make Up ArtistLeilani Cooper
DressDavid’s Bridal – Gallina Signature
Groom/GroomsmenMen’s Wearhouse
Photo Booth: Flipbook Creations
CatererTerrie Lobb Catering

I’ve been so excited to post this particular Wedding! I’m automatically biased when it comes my friends getting married and having me capture their day for them. Although, it’s never more “relaxed” for me to cover a friends wedding as compared to a typical day. I photograph each and every day with the same goals & mindset regardless of how I know the couple beforehand. The only difference is that there’s a little bit of extra trust they have in you because they’ve watched your business grow from the bottom up and have been cheerleaders through it all. Rachel & Shawn have been no different.

I was introduced to Rachel when she had been dating Shawn for a little while by that point. I remember being at her 29th Birthday party and Rachel mentioning wanting to have a baby and get married. A year or so later I was photographing Rachel, Shawn, Shawn’s son, and Rachel’s baby bump in Celebration, FL. 🙂 Addy’s newborn photos soon followed along with their family and engagement session too. Then the Wedding all of us had been waiting so long for had finally arrived…and it was well worth the wait!

In February, Rachel & Shawn exchanged vows beneath the bell tower surrounded by their friends and family at Bok Towers Gardens. I had never photographed this location previously but I had heard so much about it up to this point that I was so pleased to be capturing photos there for the first time because of Rachel & Shawn’s Wedding Day. This was probably one of my most favorite days I’ve photographed this year and for obvious reasons. (Luv you guys immensely! xx)

Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_001 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_002 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_003 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_004 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_005 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_006 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_007 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_008 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_009 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_010 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_011 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_012 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_013 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_014 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_015 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_016 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_020 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_018 Bok_Towers_Orlando_Florida_Wedding_019 sign

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