Brooke + Stephen

Here is the Anniversary session of Brooke + Stephen who got married in February last year. When I think about their wedding it feels like forever ago now. So crazy. We didn’t get to do their Engagement Sessions last year for whatever reason. I think I was a bit more lenient back then and was not as aware of how important engagement sessions are to your couples photography experience. Normally if I met with a couple and they said that “we don’t need an engagement session” or “my friend/aunt/brother/ect is taking my engagement pictures” or “we already had them taken with a different photographer” I would have said ok cool, let’s just book you for your Wedding then. This was fine at the time but the problem I was finding with this is that I then wouldn’t see the couple until their Wedding day which in most cases would be months away. (Sometimes the Wedding Day would be first time I’ve even met the Groom!) Of course we’d communicate by email, telephone, and whatnot but there would be a level of comfortability that would be missing from those Wedding Days. I realized that this is largely built during the engagement session. Of course there have been exceptions for me and I’ve always been lucky to attract the loveliest of couples but I when remember why I switched from videography to photography it was because I wanted to interact with couples, learn about them and their love for one another, build lasting relationships and be emotionally invested in their Wedding Day. Brooke and Stephen were one of my exceptions. Even though we never shot an engagement session together, they ended up being one of the easiest, laid-back couples to work with so I was super lucky to have been able to have documented their Wedding day. I love that I got to meet with them a year later to catch up and photograph some lovely moments of them as Husband and Wife. Such a sweet couple and an enjoyable afternoon. 🙂

IMG_0666 IMG_0673 IMG_0707 IMG_0959 IMG_0869 IMG_0894 IMG_1013 IMG_1143 IMG_1320 IMG_1353 IMG_1358 IMG_1369 IMG_1268 IMG_1587 IMG_1578 IMG_1428

To see more images from Brooke + Stephens session, CLICK HERE to see the Slideshow!


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