Cabana Bay Universal Resort || Orlando FL

Couple: Cynthia & Nic

I think it’s about time for a few highlights from an Engagement session I photographed of the lovely Cynthia & her Nic. I actually photographed their Wedding at the beginning of the year but it feels just like yesterday. I shall certainly be blogging about that glorious day very soon. There’s so many things I adored about this sweet session I captured in Universal’s Cabana Bay Resort. One of the main constants was how comfortably and playful these Cynthia & Nic photograph together. They decided upon this location as a perfect setting for their session as it resembled retro 50’s and 60’s themes that they wanted to incorporate into their engagement images. I had never photographed this resort before but ended up being the perfect setting for what Cynthia & Nic were aiming for.

I had been making it a point to bring out the 35mm much more during engagement sessions around this time so it was fun to capture this session with a different perspective than normal. I shall reiterate and say that personally this lens shows it’s best potential through candid/emotive images as opposed to “posed” portrait-styled images. I can’t say it’s my favorite lens although in certain situations it ticks all the boxes. For everything else, it’s a very close second.

Anyway, this gorgeous session started around the main grounds of Cabana Bay out by the pool area. After a small stroll about the outside area, we ventured inside the lobby area of the resort and found so many fun & colorful backgrounds to play with! The aim is always to capture couples naturally & sweetly. Cynthia & Nic brought that to me in spades! I could clearly see they were so excited about their fast approaching Wedding Day and I think that shows throughout their engagement images. They were a pure delight to photograph on this gorgeous Florida afternoon, I just knew great things would be in store once their special day rolled around!

Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_001 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_005 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_003 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_006 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_007 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_008 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_009 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_010 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_011 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_012 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_013 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_014 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_015 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_016 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_018 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_017 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_019 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_020 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_022 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_021 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_023 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_024 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_025 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_026 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_034 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_027 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_028 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_030 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_031 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_029 Cabana_Bay_Engagement_Session_032 sign

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