Caitlin + Thomas

Here are my absolute fave’s from Caitlin and Thomas’s Wedding Day last month. This lovely couple wed in the gorgeous courtyard of Reunion Resort whose venue I just love! There are so many great areas to shoot there; inside and outside. Caitlin and Thomas’s day was a little on the windy and nippy side but still absolutely stunning from start to finish. I adored their colors and theme they had for their wedding. I actually have a new love for swans now. So different and sweet! I also loved that they incorporated elements of how they met into their Wedding Favors. Super unique and sentimental. Loved that! πŸ™‚ After Caitlin and Thomas exchanged vows on this gorgeous Saturday morning and took pictures, they headed to the top floor Restaurant of the resort, Eleven, where they celebrated their nuptials over brunch with their closest friends and family. This Wedding Day was so perfect for such a perfect couple. I loved every minute of capturing their day. πŸ™‚

Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_046 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_066 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_047 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_061 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_105 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_117 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_134 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_209 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_274 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_277 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_285 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_317 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_298 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_337 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_435 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_439 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_447 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_491 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_483 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_513 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_511 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_522 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_532 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_537 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_552 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_618 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_564 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_638 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_685 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_693 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_671 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_570 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_751 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_596 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_765 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_799 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_813 Caitlin-+-Thomas_Reunion_Resort_896 Β To see more of Caitlin + Thomas’ engagement images, CLICK HERE for the slideshow!


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