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Rollins College || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Callie & Zach You’ll soon realize after the next few blogs that I frequent the Winter Park area for engagement sessions a lot. 🙂 Because of this and as I’ve mentioned before, I like to try to photograph it in … Continue reading

Grantham Point Park || Mount Dora, FL

Couple: Kelsey & AJ Here’s a little session I photographed in Mount Dora on a rather drizzly November afternoon. It was specifically photographed in Grantham Point Park and features a lighthouse, park, dock area, and a bunch of other naturalistic elements … Continue reading

Disney Boardwalk || Orlando, FL

Couple: Jessica & John Today, I have a few images from Jessica and John’s Disney Boardwalk Engagement session. There’s lots I like about this one. Firstly, I really love this location for photos. There’s a little bit of everything Floridian … Continue reading

New Smyrna Beach|| New Smyrna, FL

Couple: Alon & Joey I’ve noticed that when picking favorite images to make the blog, weirdly, the kissing pictures barely make the final draft. Sure I photograph them, and let’s be honest, some of them are pretty cute. One or … Continue reading

Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center ||Downtown Orlando, FL

Couple: Amber & Rajiv Here are a few images that stood out for me during Amber & Rajiv’s Downtown Orlando engagement session late last year! I think I’ve gushed in previous posts about my love for Downtown Orlando. For me, … Continue reading

Casa Feliz || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Paige & Josh Today we have a few highlight images from an afternoon Casa Feliz session that was captured back in early October. This sweet couple have plans to get married in Ohio later this year but decided to … Continue reading

Kraft Azalea || Winter Park, FL

Couple – Kristen & Cody Happy Monday!! Today, we have the lovely engagement of Kristen & Cody whose session I photographed around Kraft Azalea Garden. Kraft Azalea is great. I do feel like I’m there just about every other week … Continue reading

Mennello Museum || Orlando, FL

Couple – Nikki & Rob Getting back into the blogging groove is no easy feat but I’m making it part of my daily challenge and I’m on Day three as it stands. Quite frankly, I think it’s all going rather … Continue reading

Kraft Azalea Garden || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Veronica & Halston I’m roughly about two blogs away from being completely up-to-date which is a massive feat at this moment in time. I’ve been wanting to develop a better blogging voice for couple of years now but somehow feeling … Continue reading

An At-Home Engagement Session || Downtown Orlando, FL

Couple: Allison & Shamir Here are some of my favorite images from Allison and Shamir’s home engagement session. Now, I always try to encourage couples to pick a location for their engagement session that means something to them. This could be … Continue reading