Christina + Ricardo

I’ve been WAY excited to post images from Christina + Ricardo’s Wedding. I loved everything about their day. I was also SUPER excited to shoot this one because it was my first time shooting at Bella Colina. It is by far one of my favorite wedding venues in Orlando. Completely gorgeous. Not only that, but Christina and Ricardo are the sweetest, most down-to-earth couples ever. I had such a blast photographing their engagement session and getting to know them last year that I just knew their wedding was going to be amazing! They both looked absolutely stunning together on their special day and I was over the moon that Christina and Ricardo took their wedding pictures seriously enough to factor in more than enough time to shoot them around this amazing location. Their First Look was the sweetest! I had Katy second shoot on this wedding and I think she did a great job capturing those alternate angles. 🙂 I’m proud of this one for sure…

IMG_6580 IMG_6509 IMG_6497 IMG_6517 IMG_6516 IMG_6548 IMG_6783 IMG_6803 IMG_6827 IMG_6864 IMG_6921 IMG_6973 DSC_0246 IMG_6984 IMG_7048 IMG_7058 IMG_7077 IMG_7092 IMG_7107 IMG_7122 IMG_7145 IMG_7163 IMG_7226 IMG_7240 IMG_7180 IMG_7184 IMG_7314 IMG_7262 IMG_7272 IMG_7308 IMG_7299 IMG_7684 IMG_7690 IMG_8214 IMG_7814 IMG_8857 IMG_7977 IMG_7927 IMG_7933 IMG_7983 IMG_8064 IMG_8074 IMG_8120 IMG_8323 IMG_8291 IMG_8380 IMG_8417 IMG_8433 IMG_8464 IMG_8480 IMG_8540 IMG_8563 IMG_8555 IMG_8652 IMG_8663 IMG_8628 IMG_8756 IMG_8876 IMG_8927 IMG_8949 IMG_8991 IMG_8980 IMG_9124 IMG_9132 IMG_9208 IMG_9274 DSC_0741 IMG_9296 IMG_9340 IMG_9383 IMG_9414 IMG_9410 IMG_9429 IMG_9477 IMG_9480 IMG_9834 IMG_9563 IMG_9597 IMG_9620 IMG_9795 IMG_9841 IMG_9895 IMG_9947 IMG_9877 Lora Rodgers

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