Danielle + Rob + Alexa

Photos for friends are fun. You’d actually think it’d be way easier to photograph friends but I actually feel the same amount of pressure, if not, more. lol! I went to middle school and high school with Rob. I may or not not have dated one of his football buddies back in High School too. :/ Funny stuff. haha! Fast forward to now and Rob is married and about to have his first baby with his new wife, Danielle. Danielle is so lovely! I never knew her in High School but I got to meet her properly during their session and she is just beyond sweet. As soon as I saw that she had picked a pink sequin top to wear for her session, I knew we were gonna hit it off. A girl after my own heart with all that sparkle! 😉 They also included Danielle’s adorable lil ham-for-the-cam, Alexa,  so we got to capture some fun family images around the trail directly next to the Hunter’s Creek middle school….where it all started! lol! So excited for the arrival of their little one! 🙂

  1. yanet says:

    Aww Lovely!!!more Kidddos photos lora!! 🙂 hehe Your great with them! Crossing fingers Ms Abby gets better at photo taking these came out great as always!!!

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