Danielle + Jimmy

Here are the highlights from Danielle + Jimmy’s Wedding Day. This was one of my all time favorite weddings of 2012. It helps to have an uber cute couple who are so down-to-earth, welcoming, and let you do as you wish creatively. As soon as I walked into Danielle’s family home and had seen the area where she was to put her dress and accessories on later all I could think was “YES! She thought of window light!” 🙂 Danielle has a done a little bit of modeling before so I was only a tiny bit surprised at how well prepared she was with her wedding pictures in mind. 😉 Jimmy + Danielle’s wedding decor and details fit their personalities so well. A touch of elegance and a whole lot of fun! The converses and hidden butterfly’s were just about the cutest details I’ve seen in a while. GORGEOUS day! 🙂

Danielle-+-Jimmy_0287 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0296 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0260 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0268 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0279 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0381 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0401 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0393 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0421 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0437 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0446 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0444 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0068 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0086 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0139 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0538 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0564 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0616 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0613 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0494 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0648 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0902 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0187 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0711 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0809 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0732 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0804 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0825 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0854 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0957 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0949 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0945 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0943 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0963 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0240 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0990 Danielle-+-Jimmy_0248 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1073 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1004 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1036 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1048 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1163 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1114 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1111 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1257 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1138 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1276 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1092 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1342 Danielle-+-Jimmy_1172


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