Danika + Alex

I can only say amazing things about Danika + Alex and their Wedding Day at Shade’s of Green Resort in Disney. I originally met with Danika at our local Panera what feels like forever ago but Danika and I instantly hit it off. I just knew her other her half was going to be just as awesome. I got to know Danika and Alex much better during their engagement session in Fort Wilderness. Their session was one of my absolute faves last year. They are just SO super sweet together. I learned so much about them as a couple, about their love for British TV programs and their quirky sense of humor. Just adorable. I knew their Wedding was going to be just as fun! Danika and Alex opted for a First Look on their Wedding day which gave them a ton of time for family pictures, their bridal party, and most importantly of just them together and these two are such a dream to photograph. I loved their wedding colors and the decor they picked for their reception. Danika had even put together s’more Wedding favors for her guests which was so cool and so them. I ADORED that they incorporated a little social networking into their day too! (If you’re an iPhone using Bride/Groom, make sure you download Wedding Party! It’s like Instagram but designed to only showcase your wedding which your friends and guests can upload to and tag just about anything related to your day. Love it!) Danika and Alex’s day was perfect the whole way through. I enjoyed every minute of capturing their special day.

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Danika-+-Alexander_218 Danika-+-Alexander_226 Danika-+-Alexander_227 Danika-+-Alexander_233 Danika-+-Alexander_246 Danika-+-Alexander_240 Danika-+-Alexander_313 Danika-+-Alexander_260 Danika-+-Alexander_324 Danika-+-Alexander_317 Danika-+-Alexander_333 Danika-+-Alexander_328 Danika-+-Alexander_350 Danika-+-Alexander_351 Danika-+-Alexander_358 Danika-+-Alexander_367 Danika-+-Alexander_380 Danika-+-Alexander_384 Danika-+-Alexander_390 Danika-+-Alexander_446 Danika-+-Alexander_449 Danika-+-Alexander_451 Danika-+-Alexander_456 Danika-+-Alexander_469 Danika-+-Alexander_532 Danika-+-Alexander_544 Danika-+-Alexander_545 Danika-+-Alexander_560 Danika-+-Alexander_579 Danika-+-Alexander_591 Danika-+-Alexander_581 Danika-+-Alexander_623 Danika-+-Alexander_621 Danika-+-Alexander_634 Danika-+-Alexander_636 Danika-+-Alexander_639 Danika-+-Alexander_646 Danika-+-Alexander_654 Danika-+-Alexander_671 Danika-+-Alexander_672 Danika-+-Alexander_688 Danika-+-Alexander_701 Danika-+-Alexander_710 Danika-+-Alexander_706 Danika-+-Alexander_758 Danika-+-Alexander_725 Danika-+-Alexander_738 Danika-+-Alexander_709 Danika-+-Alexander_740 Danika-+-Alexander_711 Danika-+-Alexander_846 Danika-+-Alexander_716 Danika-+-Alexander_794 Danika-+-Alexander_777 Danika-+-Alexander_812 Danika-+-Alexander_815 Danika-+-Alexander_818 Danika-+-Alexander_837 Danika-+-Alexander_855 Danika-+-Alexander_887 Danika-+-Alexander_913 Danika-+-Alexander_951 Danika-+-Alexander_956 Lora Rodgers

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