Disney Boardwalk || Orlando, FL

Couple: Jessica & John

Today, I have a few images from Jessica and John’s Disney Boardwalk Engagement session. There’s lots I like about this one. Firstly, I really love this location for photos. There’s a little bit of everything Floridian here all on Disney property without it actually looking over the top “Disney”. One of my favorite areas here is what I like to call the “man-made” beach area next to a pirate ship. Sadly, this area has been fenced along the “shore” line for safety reasons but honestly it doesn’t look half bad at all considering. I love that the location surrounds a circular lake which is probably about a mile or two. It seems that it’s also been an ideal location to play a bit of Pokemon GO too. But what do I know about that really? 😛 lol! Anyway, these two sweetie pies started off in a bit of casual wear while we strolled together hitting all the photographic opportunities the boardwalk has to offer. Once we got halfway round, they had an outfit change and popped a little bit of champagne on the beach. I’m not huge on props typically but I love me some celebratory bubbles incorporated into an engagement session. I enjoy capturing the reactions and the playfulness of that moment. Plus, who doesn’t love a reason to crack open some champagne? 🙂 I’ve since had a handful more sessions in this location and can’t wait to share those too. It’s amazing how differently you get to look at a familiar location when you have a completely different couple to work and venture around with. Jessica and John later exchanged vows on one of the coldest but beautiful January days I have ever photographed! But so much more on that gorgeous event another time though! 🙂

Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement002 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement001 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement008 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement013 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement014 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement009 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement003 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement004 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement005 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement006 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement007 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement010 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement011 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement012 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement017 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement018 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement019 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement020 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement021 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement023 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement022 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement028 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement024 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement025 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement026 Disney_Boardwalk_Engagement027 sign

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