Emily + John

I ADORE everything about this wedding and it also has to be said that Emily’s dress is definitely in my top 5 five this year. Completely gorgeous and so very her. I think that was one of the things I loved most about Emily and John’s day was that they created a feel and look for their day. The color tones and patterns they picked just worked really well with what they were going for and you could tell a lot of time was spent on the small details as well as the big ones. It was an extremely picturesque day from start to finish. Emily’s maids looked gorgeous in their little navy J.Crew dresses and the boys cleaned up very nicely too. We all know I’m a suit and tie kinda girl when it comes to men dressing for their Wedding day. (Justin Timberlake didn’t make that song for no reason you know! 😉 ) I also got the chance to revisit First Presbyterian Church of Orlando and The Rosalind Club on Emily and John’s Wedding day. I love the set-up these two locations have going on. The church is just divine. They’re a little on the strict side as far as photography goes but if that’s your thing, as a Bride, it’s definitely worth the sacrifice of a few close-up ceremony images for sure. It’s beautiful inside and out and a short walkable distance to the Rosalind club which I LOVE for Bride and Groom portraits as it’s nice touch being able to photograph the newlyweds walking happily together to their reception site. LOVE it! 🙂 My next wedding after Emily and John’s did the same thing too but more on that next time! 😉 The way Emily and John love each other just photographs beautifully. I could take pictures of them all day long. And as my “adventurous” Bride, Emily was more than willing to sit on the steps of the church she got married in for a couple of pictures with her new husband. Loved that! Their day was just incredible and I was very blessed to have been part of documenting the start to their new lives as Husband and Wife. 🙂

EMILYJOHN006 EMILYJOHN019 EMILYJOHN036 EMILYJOHN033 EMILYJOHN097 EMILYJOHN108 EMILYJOHN124 EMILYJOHN218 EMILYJOHN222 EMILYJOHN226 EMILYJOHN244 EMILYJOHN234 EMILYJOHN340 EMILYJOHN321 EMILYJOHN415 Ok, people can say what they want about “unplugged” weddings and all that but I honestly think it just depends on the couple and the type of wedding. This image makes me feel indifferent about them completely. It’s pure luck/fluke that I just happened to capture somebody’s camera phone flash in this picture but I LOVE that everyone else is focused on Emily…..I remain on the fence. 🙂 EMILYJOHN423 EMILYJOHN435 EMILYJOHN444 EMILYJOHN495 EMILYJOHN548 EMILYJOHN573 EMILYJOHN590 EMILYJOHN611 EMILYJOHN584 EMILYJOHN587 EMILYJOHN606 EMILYJOHN625 EMILYJOHN620 EMILYJOHN627 EMILYJOHN636 EMILYJOHN656 EMILYJOHN652 EMILYJOHN676 EMILYJOHN673 EMILYJOHN683 EMILYJOHN693 EMILYJOHN692 EMILYJOHN689 EMILYJOHN830 EMILYJOHN752 EMILYJOHN728 EMILYJOHN767 EMILYJOHN788 EMILYJOHN803 EMILYJOHN8091 EMILYJOHN814 EMILYJOHN915

To see more from Emily and John’s’ Downtown Orlando Wedding Day, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow, or simply view it here:

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