Erin + Ryan

Alrighty…So here are some of my favorite images from Erin and Ryan’s Winter Park wedding day. Erin actually got in touch with me shortly after Kelly and Reed booked they’re wedding photography with me so I instantly knew Erin and Ryan were gonna be a blast to work with. You might remember their gorgeous engagement session I photographed around Windermere with their daughter, Emma. So cute. I’m not normally into photographing kids but I make exceptions for amazing couples and GORGEOUS babies!! haha!

I absolutely adorrrrred photographing Erin & Ryan’s day. I honestly felt like I was photographing a friends wedding and that’s a true blessing to work with couples you can feel like that with. I always try to be emotionally invested in each and every one of couples day but it’s much more special when you get on comfortable level with them. Erin and Ryan’s day was just perfect from start to finish. I had Danielle tag along as a second shooter on this one and it was interesting to hear her perspective to a wedding day’s build up. Listening to her experiences reminded me to connect better with the day. Sometimes as photographers, we get so wrapped up in sticking to a schedule, planning everything that could go wrong, worrying about the weather and such that we forget to connect personally with the day. It was a nice realization and this was a good wedding to start as I mean to go on. 🙂


This next picture is a bit funny because I was going through my pix of Erin + Ryan’s exit (I was capturing them walking towards me while Danielle had the back) and I was like oh dear, I can see Danielle in the background of my images, then I go through her exit pix and discover the picture below… let’s just say I’m actually REALLY happy she was “in the way” now. 🙂

  1. Anna says:

    beautiful work as usual!! love it 🙂

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