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Bride & Groom: Kelsey & AJ

So, this Wedding has been sitting in the blog queue for a little while now….their first anniversary has even been and gone! I know, shame on me right?! One reason was because I was waiting for Desiree¬†Hartsock’s blog to feature¬†a few images and the larger reason is just that I’ve been insanely behind with blogging in general. I think I’ve been placing a lot of pressure on myself to write stuff each entry but I think I’m so far behind now that I’d rather just post away and let the images speak for themselves with minimal words from me. ha! There are a few weddings that I’ve forgotten who worked on them with me so if you were a creative vendor on any of the next few posts feel free to reach out and let me know so I can tag you! Here goes…

Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_001 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_002 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_003 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_004 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_021 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_005 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_006 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_007 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_008 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_009 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_010 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_011 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_012 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_013 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_014 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_015 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_016 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_017 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_018 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_019 Country_Chic_Ocala_Wedding_020 sign

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