Faith + Sarah

So many fabulous weddings to post this week! Here’s another fabulous couple whose Wedding I’ve been super excited to blog about. Faith and Sarah had actually already got married in DC but decided to celebrate their nuptials amongst family and friends back in Florida. Lucky for me, Faith and Sarah had blocked some time before their celebrations to photograph some lovely images of the two of them around the beautiful Rollins College campus. Luckily we able to get just enough images before it really began to rain on us. After which, we headed on over to Winter Park Farmers Market for Faith and Sarah’s ring exchange Ceremony and then reception. I can’t say enough about how lovely Faith and Sarah are as a couple. It was really sweet to photograph the lovely bond they have together. They are also super DIY and crafty which I just love. They incorporated so many elements of handmade items into their day. The decor they put together for their reception details were so well thought out and just came together really well with the colors they’d picked out. Loved it all! As thank you favors, Sarah put together a mixed CD of all their favorite songs which was a great touch too. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing such a special day for Faith and Sarah. It was lovely.

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To see more from Faith + Sarah’s Winter Park Wedding Day, feel free to CLICK HERE¬†for a slideshow, or simply view it here:

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