Angela + Jason

The day after Alyssa and Chuck’s wedding I left for England for two AMAZING weeks. I also ventured to Madrid and stayed with Sheli for four nights while I was that way too. (OH! Sheli just got engaged in Madrid to her lovely fiance, Jeremy, on Christmas day….couldn’t be happier for the both of them!) I hadn’t been back to England in years and the visit was a long time coming. Probably one of the best trips I’ve ever had but I’ll spill the beans about that trip another time. Anyway, once I got back to Orlando it was non-stop work. There were only a couple of occasions I actually had time to breath it felt like. The first weekend home I had back to back weddings. The first being Angela and Jason’s. This was another couple that had opted out of the engagement session because of timing and distance but they’re such a lovely couple that I had no worries about how they’d day would turn out. It absolutely POURED down that first weekend. It was insane. I hoped and begged that we would have at least a couple of pictures outside but it was not to be. We worked with what we had at the ceremony site and I actually think they turned out rather nice considering how gross the weather was. I was very happy indeed with the end outcome and Angela, Jason and their fabulous bridal party were absolute troopers. The lower level of their reception was actually leaking rain but luckily they had rented the upper level for they’re elegant after-ceremony celebrations. Considering the weather, everything turned out beautifully. Angela looked stunning while the boys cleaned up rather well. It was a very fun and joyous day that I won’t forget for a long time.

While Angela got ready at the salon one of Jason’s groomsmen surprised her with roses and a lovely wedding gift for his Bride-to-be. It was a very sweet moment that Jason’s Groomsman managed to capture on film. Such a heartfelt idea!  🙂


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