Historic Winter Garden || Winter Garden, FL

Couple: Alexa & Randall

Here are my favorite images from Alexa & Randall’s Historic Winter Garden Engagement session. They actually got married in Jamaica this past March and I’ll be blogging their gorgeous Montego Bay Wedding Day very soon! So, Alexa is my very amazing hair girl! I have to say it took me forever to find a hairdresser I loved here once I started living in Winter Garden. I have a lot of hair that I like to do crazy things with from time to time so it was important to me to find someone who was great at what they do and that I could connect with. Lord knows I’m going to be sitting in that hair chair for a couple of hours with the mane I have so I may as well pick someone exceptional. Alexa has been my hair girl for years now and I was so excited when she inquired about getting her engagement and Wedding images captured by me. These two are so incredibly fun to be around.

During their engagement session I know Randall was a little nervous to begin with and for no reason at all as I quickly learned these two photograph so beautifully together. They met in High School and when it was finally time for Randall to start picking out engagement rings he helped to design it for what would be perfect for his future Wife. 🙂 It’s still hands down one of the prettiest engagement rings I’ve seen in a while. And because they were planning to be wed in Jamaica, Alexa brought a couple of “one love” key chains to incorporate into they’re session. We started off venturing about Plant Street and then ended the session on the dock next to Tanner Hall. The session was a blast and I can’t wait to share some Wedding faves soon! 🙂

Winter_Garden_Engagement_046 Winter_Garden_Engagement_Session_001 Winter_Garden_Engagement_047 Winter_Garden_Engagement_048 Winter_Garden_Engagement_049 Winter_Garden_Engagement_050 Winter_Garden_Engagement_051 Winter_Garden_Engagement_052 Winter_Garden_Engagement_053 Winter_Garden_Engagement_054 Winter_Garden_Engagement_055 Winter_Garden_Engagement_056 Winter_Garden_Engagement_057 Winter_Garden_Engagement_058 Winter_Garden_Engagement_059 Winter_Garden_Engagement_060 Winter_Garden_Engagement_061 Winter_Garden_Engagement_062 Winter_Garden_Engagement_063 Winter_Garden_Engagement_064 Winter_Garden_Engagement_065 Winter_Garden_Engagement_066 Winter_Garden_Engagement_067 Winter_Garden_Engagement_068 Winter_Garden_Engagement_069 Winter_Garden_Engagement_070 Winter_Garden_Engagement_071 sign

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