Jenna & John || Chenies Manor House, England

Ceremony: St. Michael’s Church
Reception: Chenies Manor House and Gardens
Music/DJ: Groove Town/DJ Winston
Dress Designer: Ronald Joyce
Bridesmaid Dresses: BHS
Videography: Victor Shack
Flowers: Amie Bone Flowers
Menswear: Impeccable Mens Wear

Favorite details & moments: So, this is going to be a rather large blog post for many reasons. Firstly, it’s the Wedding of one of my childhood friends. Our mothers were also childhood friends and neighbors back in the day too. Our families have celebrated countless Christmases, birthdays, vacations and all of the above with together. Secondly, this was the first Wedding I had ever shot in England when I went back earlier this year so it’s undoubtedly my favorite Weddings I’ve photographed to date for these obvious reasons. I would actually have been happy just to just post pictures of it and not write anything about this day as none of my words could possibly do the day any kind of  justice. However, for search engine fuel I must proceed. 🙂 I met Jenna’s John for the first time last year when we photographed their engagement session on a typical rainy English day around River Chess and they are absolutely lovely together. I was beyond thrilled when they asked me to photograph their April Wedding day. Jenna & John’s day started for me directly across the street from Jenna’s family home where she was having her hair and makeup done with her bridesmaids and her nan. Before I headed over there though, I had photographed Jenna’s details and dress which had been kept a secret even from her dad and she picked the most beautiful dress I have ever photographed. Jenna was sparkling from all the way across the room it was so glitzy! Stunning! I also must add that it’s the most surreal feeling to be photographing inside a house that holds a lot of your childhood memories of dress-up and karaoke Christmases to then be photographing your friends Wedding details there 20-something years later. Quite possibly one of the coolest things I will ever get to do. Anyway, once we photographed Jenna putting on her dress with her sister and captured the lovely moment of the big reveal to her dad, I then headed over to The Bedford Arms where John and his Groomsmen were readying for their portraits. This beautiful hotel was minutes walk away from Chenies Manor House and St Michael’s Church where the most traditionally English of Ceremonies I had ever seen was held. This location is hands down the most gorgeous venues I have ever had the opportunity to photograph. If I could shoot here everyday I would be pretty darn contented. The lighting was gorgeous all day long. We worried a little bit about rain as you do in England but it seemed to hold off and stay beautiful the entire day so it just turned out to be THE perfect day for Jenna and her new hubby. It goes without saying that I enjoyed photographing this day immensely and I am overjoyed to have captured such a huge moment in my dear friends life.

JENNAJOHN-29 JENNAJOHN-28 JENNAJOHN-15 JENNAJOHN-92-copy JENNAJOHN-55 JENNAJOHN-44 JENNAJOHN-75-copy JENNAJOHN-56 JENNAJOHN-58 JENNAJOHN-86 JENNAJOHN-54 JENNAJOHN-95 The image below I just love because its of Jenna writing a card to her husband-to-be which she almost addressed to herself but made a clever change. lol! But another reason I love it is because a photo of my Mum and Dad’s wedding day can be seen on a shelf all the way to the right and I just thought it was pretty cool when I stumbled across it. Nothing quite like a happy accident. lol! 🙂 JENNAJOHN-138 JENNAJOHN-135-copy                                                         JENNAJOHN-109-copy JENNAJOHN-106 JENNAJOHN-133 JENNAJOHN-277 JENNAJOHN-160 JENNAJOHN-164 JENNAJOHN-165 JENNAJOHN-183 JENNAJOHN-278 JENNAJOHN-266 JENNAJOHN-260 JENNAJOHN-287 JENNAJOHN-290 JENNAJOHN-294-copy JENNAJOHN-271 JENNAJOHN-279 JENNAJOHN-312 JENNAJOHN-316 JENNAJOHN-321 JENNAJOHN-344 JENNAJOHN-354 JENNAJOHN-357 JENNAJOHN-362 JENNAJOHN-385 JENNAJOHN-403 JENNAJOHN-407 JENNAJOHN-408 JENNAJOHN-413-copy JENNAJOHN-416 JENNAJOHN-434 JENNAJOHN-437 JENNAJOHN-440 JENNAJOHN-445 JENNAJOHN-453 JENNAJOHN-460 JENNAJOHN-466 JENNAJOHN-481 JENNAJOHN-503 JENNAJOHN-508 JENNAJOHN-514 JENNAJOHN-520-copy JENNAJOHN-518 JENNAJOHN-525 JENNAJOHN-614 JENNAJOHN-624 JENNAJOHN-654 JENNAJOHN-657 JENNAJOHN-670 JENNAJOHN-664 JENNAJOHN-682-copy JENNAJOHN-690 JENNAJOHN-691 JENNAJOHN-701 JENNAJOHN-710 JENNAJOHN-709 JENNAJOHN-716 JENNAJOHN-727 JENNAJOHN-733 JENNAJOHN-735 JENNAJOHN-739 JENNAJOHN-748 JENNAJOHN-759 JENNAJOHN-763 JENNAJOHN-768 JENNAJOHN-771 JENNAJOHN-783 JENNAJOHN-799-copy JENNAJOHN-788 JENNAJOHN-3067 JENNAJOHN-1014 JENNAJOHN-3066 JENNAJOHN-3061 JENNAJOHN-3057 JENNAJOHN-1012 JENNAJOHN-1019 JENNAJOHN-1015 JENNAJOHN-829 JENNAJOHN-1037 JENNAJOHN-981 JENNAJOHN-982                                                         JENNAJOHN-3025 JENNAJOHN-3031 JENNAJOHN-3049 JENNAJOHN-3034 JENNAJOHN-209 JENNAJOHN-214 JENNAJOHN-211 JENNAJOHN-218 JENNAJOHN-228 JENNAJOHN-248 JENNAJOHN-244 JENNAJOHN-816 JENNAJOHN-825 JENNAJOHN-848 JENNAJOHN-827 JENNAJOHN-861 JENNAJOHN-862 JENNAJOHN-912 JENNAJOHN-821 JENNAJOHN-1040 JENNAJOHN-1080 JENNAJOHN-1172 JENNAJOHN-1141 JENNAJOHN-1158 JENNAJOHN-1203 JENNAJOHN-1105 JENNAJOHN-1118 JENNAJOHN-1139 JENNAJOHN-1243 JENNAJOHN-1087 JENNAJOHN-1082 JENNAJOHN-1233 SIGN


  1. paul spalding says:

    Lora, you just made me cry with joy what a wonderful article all the best the farther of the bride xxxx

  2. Jenna says:

    Love this lora 🙂 xx

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