Jennifer + Gary

Here are my faves from Jennifer + Gary’s Wedding near the end of last year. Jennifer got ready among her Bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law-to-be at she and Gary’s home in Orlando. Marigold Scott did a wonderful job on Jennifer’s hair and makeup before it was time to put on her dress and head to St. Joseph Catholic Church to meet her Groom. Gary’s reaction to seeing his Bride walk down the aisle was too cute! After vows were exchanged during their gorgeous Ceremony, Jennifer and Gary made their way to The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne. I adore this location! It’s super pretty with a vintage-garden feel that I just Love for pictures! Their reception was SO fun. In fact, their entire day was just perfect from start to finish. 🙂

Jennifer-+-Gary_0030 Jennifer-+-Gary_0016 Jennifer-+-Gary_0094 Jennifer-+-Gary_0089 Jennifer-+-Gary_0041 Jennifer-+-Gary_0021 Jennifer-+-Gary_0092 Jennifer-+-Gary_0070 Jennifer-+-Gary_0110 Jennifer-+-Gary_0112 Jennifer-+-Gary_0120 Jennifer-+-Gary_0213 Jennifer-+-Gary_0215 Jennifer-+-Gary_0227 Jennifer-+-Gary_0235 Jennifer-+-Gary_0278 Jennifer-+-Gary_0298 Jennifer-+-Gary_0313 Jennifer-+-Gary_0316 Jennifer-+-Gary_0619 Jennifer-+-Gary_0436 Jennifer-+-Gary_0415 Jennifer-+-Gary_0450 Jennifer-+-Gary_0477 Jennifer-+-Gary_0486 Jennifer-+-Gary_0472 Jennifer-+-Gary_0490 Jennifer-+-Gary_0502 Jennifer-+-Gary_0496 Jennifer-+-Gary_0509 Jennifer-+-Gary_0516 Jennifer-+-Gary_0547 Jennifer-+-Gary_0553 Jennifer-+-Gary_0561 Jennifer-+-Gary_0571 Jennifer-+-Gary_0628 Jennifer-+-Gary_0633 Jennifer-+-Gary_0593 Jennifer-+-Gary_0639 Jennifer-+-Gary_0654 Jennifer-+-Gary_0670 Jennifer-+-Gary_0673 Jennifer-+-Gary_0679 Jennifer-+-Gary_0698 Jennifer-+-Gary_0725 Lora Rodgers


  1. Jennifer Papoula says:

    Thank you for everything Lora! You helped turn our beautiful day into beautiful memories! I will be recommending you to anyone who asks!! I can’t wait to work with you in the future 🙂

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