Jennifer + Rida

Here are my faves from Jennifer and Rida’s Wedding Day in Harmony, Fl. They exchanged vows outside the beautifully decorated courtyard of Harmony Golf Preserve. This location is so beautiful and their staff are super friendly and helpful. They have a very modernly designed Bridal suite which has a ton of natural light spilling in and lots of places to photograph the details. Loved every part of this venue!

Jennifer and Rida are very good friends of Marysol + Nick so I just knew their Wedding was going to be AMAZING! Jennifer looked absolutely stunning as she walked down the aisle to meet Rida. Such a gorgeous day for such a lovely couple. I adored capturing every moment of their day so much!

Jennifer-+-Rida_010 Jennifer-+-Rida_007 Jennifer-+-Rida_209 Jennifer-+-Rida_205 Jennifer-+-Rida_020 Jennifer-+-Rida_062 Jennifer-+-Rida_0064 Jennifer-+-Rida_066 Jennifer-+-Rida_036 Jennifer-+-Rida_072 Jennifer-+-Rida_068 Jennifer-+-Rida_071 Jennifer-+-Rida_115 Jennifer-+-Rida_119 Jennifer-+-Rida_156 Jennifer-+-Rida_162 Jennifer-+-Rida_315 Jennifer-+-Rida_191 Jennifer-+-Rida_182 Jennifer-+-Rida_193 Jennifer-+-Rida_195 Jennifer-+-Rida_239 Jennifer-+-Rida_240 Jennifer-+-Rida_249 Jennifer-+-Rida_214 Jennifer-+-Rida_219 Jennifer-+-Rida_282 Jennifer-+-Rida_283 Jennifer-+-Rida_360 Jennifer-+-Rida_373 Jennifer-+-Rida_381 Jennifer-+-Rida_395 Jennifer-+-Rida_399 Jennifer-+-Rida_400 Jennifer-+-Rida_446 Jennifer-+-Rida_455 Jennifer-+-Rida_474 Jennifer-+-Rida_482 Jennifer-+-Rida_478 Jennifer-+-Rida_499 Jennifer-+-Rida_508 Jennifer-+-Rida_503 Jennifer-+-Rida_516 Jennifer-+-Rida_524 Jennifer-+-Rida_527 Jennifer-+-Rida_558 Jennifer-+-Rida_532 Jennifer-+-Rida_555 Jennifer-+-Rida_254 Jennifer-+-Rida_594 Jennifer-+-Rida_610 Jennifer-+-Rida_616 Jennifer-+-Rida_627 Jennifer-+-Rida_623 Jennifer-+-Rida_638 Jennifer-+-Rida_694 Jennifer-+-Rida_645 Jennifer-+-Rida_656 Jennifer-+-Rida_680 Jennifer-+-Rida_774 Jennifer-+-Rida_710 Jennifer-+-Rida_713 Jennifer-+-Rida_793 Jennifer-+-Rida_796 Jennifer-+-Rida_801 Jennifer-+-Rida_811 Jennifer-+-Rida_812 Jennifer-+-Rida_825 Jennifer-+-Rida_0855 Lora Rodgers

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