Jenny + Aiden

Here are my favorite images of one of my nearest and dearest friends, Jenny and her crazy son Aiden. 😛 We photographed these by Hunter’s Creek Middle School where me and Jenny first became friends (too many years to admit to!) on the school bus. haha! She had just moved here from England a little before me and we instantly became close….now I can’t get rid of her. 😉 haha! We’ve been meaning to photograph Jenny and her baby love forever so we finally picked a day that wasn’t gross and had a great session. I’d also been meaning to try out some new coloring plugins that my super talented video buddy had told me about recently. (Hi Mikey! 🙂 ) I actually love the way they look on Jenny and Aiden’s images. Not sure if I’ll continue using them for work, but for fun they’re great. Maybe once I’ve got the hang of how I want to use them then maybe I’ll start using them properly next year. What does everybody else think? 😉 IMG_6472 IMG_6601 IMG_6546 IMG_6715 IMG_6724 IMG_6746 IMG_6762 IMG_6901 IMG_6968 IMG_6860 IMG_6914 IMG_6889 IMG_7003 IMG_7060 IMG_7107  To see more of Jenny + Aiden’s family images, CLICK HERE for the slideshow!


  1. J_nasty says:

    Love you long time! coming up to 15 years of friendship.. Good lord

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