Kayla + Thomas

Seven more blog posts to go after this one and I’m officially up to date. Anyway, here are the highlight images from Kayla + Thomas’ Tampa Wedding Day. These two got married at the Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club which I’d never actually seen before but completely fell in love with it after doing my own little tour a few weeks before the big day. This venue has everything you could possibly want out of a Wedding venue. They actually have rooms in the upstairs where you can stay overnight like a hotel which was perfect for Kayla and Thomas’ getting ready process. It makes your photographer super happy when you and you other half get ready in the same building as your Ceremony….especially when the area is SO pretty. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I got to know Kayla and Thomas through another gorgeous Bride + Groom I photographed a couple of years ago, Alyssa and Chuck. Kayla did the make up for Alyssa’s Wedding while Thomas was a Groomsman for Chuck. I love those little connections. Super cute! Kayla + Thomas’ day was SO beautiful. I am definitely a sucker for yellow and Kayla used hints of it in all the right areas of her wedding day. Kayla looked absolutely breathtaking as a bride just as I knew she would. Their entire day was so emotional and sweet. I was so glad to have been able to photograph such a memorable and loving day between the two of them with all their friends and family gathered around them. It was the perfect day. ๐Ÿ™‚

KaylaThomas0036 KaylaThomas0055 KaylaThomas0134 KaylaThomas0170 KaylaThomas0309 KaylaThomas0041 KaylaThomas0306 KaylaThomas0313 KaylaThomas0272 KaylaThomas0284 KaylaThomas0287 KaylaThomas0373 KaylaThomas0472 KaylaThomas0505 KaylaThomas0541 KaylaThomas0527 KaylaThomas0544 KaylaThomas0612 KaylaThomas0613 KaylaThomas0691 KaylaThomas0659 KaylaThomas0708 KaylaThomas0714 KaylaThomas0720 KaylaThomas0726 KaylaThomas0742 KaylaThomas0756 KaylaThomas0814 KaylaThomas0828 KaylaThomas0862 KaylaThomas0850 KaylaThomas0856 KaylaThomas0869 KaylaThomas0885 KaylaThomas0898 KaylaThomas0904 KaylaThomas0911 KaylaThomas0919 KaylaThomas0916 KaylaThomas0925 KaylaThomas0939 KaylaThomas0944 KaylaThomas0950 KaylaThomas0960 KaylaThomas0971 KaylaThomas0602 KaylaThomas0567 KaylaThomas0606 KaylaThomas0998 KaylaThomas1007 KaylaThomas1025 KaylaThomas1061 KaylaThomas1072 KaylaThomas1076 KaylaThomas1090 KaylaThomas1118 KaylaThomas1126 KaylaThomas1140 KaylaThomas1141 KaylaThomas1151 KaylaThomas1178 KaylaThomas1181 KaylaThomas1008 sign

To see more from Kayla + Thomas’ Tampa Wedding Day, feel free to CLICK HEREย for a slideshow, or simply view it here:

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