Kelly + Justin

Kelly + Justin’s wedding was one I waited very excitedly for. 1) They’re completely awesome and 2) I knew they’re wedding was going to have a lot of elements that I’d completely just love. I think it’s huge to include sentimental details big or small into your wedding day. I just adored how Kelly and Justin incorporated all the things they enjoy together into their day. It made the day so special and so them. When I first met with Kelly and Justin they talked about their love for the ocean and how they were going to include it into their day by using the colors of sea glass. Genius! Kelly and Justin are also fans of some really great music and printed the covers of their favorite bands albums onto tiles for their center pieces and used tickets to live shows they’ve attended for their seating cards. So unique and clever! Kelly even added hints of vintage through her oh-so-gorgeous dress, make-up, and bouquet. Kelly and Justin wrote their own vows which I’ve ALWAYS loved for couples to do. They were pretty much my perfect couple. I had Stephanie assist as a second shooter during the ceremony and after the ceremony which is always fun as well. 😉

  1. Rachel says:

    You’re on a roll this week!! 😉 LOVE these photos of Justin and Kelly. You did such an amazing job (as always!)

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