Kim + Chase

Here are my favorites from Kim + Chase’s Wedding day at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. Their Wedding marked my first of 2013. This was also right after I had watched part 1 of Jasmine Star’s Restart course on Creative Live so I had a ton of inspiration and newer methods of pulling off a great photographic experience during the wedding. Kim and Chase are SO sweet and just genuinely lovely people just like both their families. Their wedding day was a pure joy to photograph. They opted for a First Look which was adorbs (you can see more of that in the slideshow which is clickable at the bottom of the post). After they had exchanged vows, Kim + Chase celebrated their nuptials at Lue Gardens which was the perfect setting for their “Officially Married” images. Their reception room was decorated beautifully. It was a gorgeous evening to end such a perfect day on. So happy to have been part of this day capturing all the moments. 🙂

IMG_9399 IMG_9899 IMG_9575 IMG_9996 IMG_1118 IMG_0999 IMG_0984 IMG_0152 IMG_0164 IMG_0169 IMG_0206 IMG_0232 IMG_1537 IMG_1919 IMG_1952 IMG_1967 IMG_2052 IMG_2406 IMG_2263 IMG_2497 IMG_2414 IMG_2530 IMG_2555

IMG_2636 IMG_2654 IMG_2679 IMG_2669 IMG_2697 IMG_2735 IMG_2737 IMG_2834 IMG_2877 IMG_3132 IMG_3151      To see more of Kimberly + Chase’s Wedding images, CLICK HERE for the slideshow!


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