Kraft Azalea & Casa Feliz || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Nicole & John

Ok so this engagement session is pretty fabulous. Not just because if features these two lovely people but also because their Wedding is this weekend and I can’t wait to capture all the fun! Until then, I have their very sweet Winter Park engagement session to share. 🙂

We started the session off at…you guessed it! Kraft Azalea Gardens! 🙂 Thankfully, it was low on people traffic which I can always appreciate. We just about had the park to ourselves.

After about an hours worth of images at Kraft Azalea, we then headed over the Casa Feliz which is just a short distance from the park. We must have captured pictures there at the right time of year because the landscaping shrubbery and florals seems to be in full bloom. A favorite in particular was a large bush with lavender colored flowers. I went back to that same spot a few weeks later and all those flowers were gone. Clearly, I know nothing about gardens and when I should expect certain plants to be “ripe”. lol!

This session with Nicole & John was very sweet & fun. I was glad to have been there to capture the afternoon with them and get to know one another better.

So, again with the personal tidbits catching up from last time…I had won a photography competition at 16 and didn’t pick up a professional camera again until I was halfway through college. Initially, I had planned on gaining a Communications degree from Florida Gulf Coast University. So, I moved from Orlando to live in Fort Myers. At first it was great. I was away from home but not so far that I couldn’t drive back every so often. I drove home about every other weekend with two weeks of laundry in tow which I’m sure my mum was extra pleased about. 🙂 It started to turn out that I was having a much better time back in Orlando than what I was having in Fort Myers. But I’ll continue on next time! 😉

Kraft_Azalea_Casa_Feliz_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_001 Kraft_Azalea_Casa_Feliz_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_002 Kraft_Azalea_Casa_Feliz_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_003 Kraft_Azalea_Casa_Feliz_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_004

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