Kraft Azalea Garden || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Asha & Josh

Today, I have another sweet-as-can-be engagement session on the blog featuring miss Asha & her Josh frolicking around the gorgeousness that makes up some of Winter Park, Florida. This sweet couple tied the knot this past April. I can’t wait to share some highlights from their gorgeous day but until then, feast your eyes upon their Kraft Azalea and Rollins college engagement session.

I did mention before that there will be A LOT of blog posts featuring this area and for that reason I might be taking a huge break from photos there. lol! It’s gorgeous but there’s SO many other places in Florida that offer just as much and plus I’m really feeling the itch to explore our City Beautiful in greater depth and scout some new locations! Updates on that soon. 🙂

But anyway, Asha was a bridesmaids at a Wedding a photographed a few years ago and the sweet Bride passed my information along to Asha which is always the best form of advertisement! 😉 Asha and I met once she became engaged to discuss all things Wedding & catch up. Soon enough we were meeting in Kraft Azalea capturing a stunning session with her fiancé, Josh. We spent about an hour capturing all the best areas around the garden while the two of them joked and played sweetly together for the camera. After an outfit change, we headed over to Rollin’s College as the sun started to set and we ventured about the campus while I captured lovely moments between Asha & Josh among all the yummy light this February afternoon had to offer.

I am thrilled with how relaxed these two photographed together and it makes me so excited to be featuring their highlight wedding images very soon. It was one for the books! 🙂

Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_001 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_004 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_003 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_002 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_005 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_007 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_006 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_008 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_010 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_009 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_012 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_011 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_013 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_014 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_016 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_015 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_017 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_018 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_019 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_022 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_023 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_024 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_025 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_027 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_026 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_031 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_030 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_028 Rollins_Winter_Park_Engagement_Session_029 sign

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