Kristin + Andrew

These are my absolute fav images from Kristin & Andrew’s MetroWest Wedding Day. I met Kristin and Andrew through my lovely High School buddy, Yanet, as she works with Kristin. 🙂 These two are such a sweet couple that actually met on eHarmony. Kristin has one of the most infectious smiles/laughs ever. You could practically hear her laughing in every photo I went through during their special day. Kristen and Andrew exchanged vows outside on the golf course at MetroWest Golf Club which is a very pretty venue with helpful staff. This was my first time shooting here and I loved every part of it. They have a sweet little Bridal section where Kristin had her make-up applied by a friend. I photographed most of her Wedding details here too….feast your eyes on those KILLER Prada heels that a friend of Kristin’s let her borrow especially for her Wedding day! Their day was so gorgeous and just the epitome of fun! I enjoyed every moment of capturing all the sweet moments of such a meaningful step in their relationship. It was a blast from start to finish. 🙂

Kristin-+-Andrew_014 Kristin-+-Andrew_025 Kristin-+-Andrew_022 Kristin-+-Andrew_029 Kristin-+-Andrew_035 Kristin-+-Andrew_056 Kristin-+-Andrew_072 Kristin-+-Andrew_103 Kristin-+-Andrew_081 Kristin-+-Andrew_190 Kristin-+-Andrew_194 Kristin-+-Andrew_197 Kristin-+-Andrew_214 Kristin-+-Andrew_225 Kristin-+-Andrew_272 Kristin-+-Andrew_270 Kristin-+-Andrew_285 Kristin-+-Andrew_277 Kristin-+-Andrew_013 Kristin-+-Andrew_364 Kristin-+-Andrew_415 Kristin-+-Andrew_416 Kristin-+-Andrew_422 Kristin-+-Andrew_435 Kristin-+-Andrew_439 Kristin-+-Andrew_441 Kristin-+-Andrew_456 Kristin-+-Andrew_463 Kristin-+-Andrew_570 Kristin-+-Andrew_582 Kristin-+-Andrew_577 Kristin-+-Andrew_584 Kristin-+-Andrew_586 Kristin-+-Andrew_597 Kristin-+-Andrew_604 Kristin-+-Andrew_609 Kristin-+-Andrew_614 Kristin-+-Andrew_625 Kristin-+-Andrew_641 Kristin-+-Andrew_645 Kristin-+-Andrew_646 Kristin-+-Andrew_662 Kristin-+-Andrew_669 Kristin-+-Andrew_671 Kristin-+-Andrew_676 Kristin-+-Andrew_316 Kristin-+-Andrew_317 Kristin-+-Andrew_297 Kristin-+-Andrew_691 Kristin-+-Andrew_695 Kristin-+-Andrew_696 Kristin-+-Andrew_737 Kristin-+-Andrew_738 Kristin-+-Andrew_779 Kristin-+-Andrew_780 Kristin-+-Andrew_788 Kristin-+-Andrew_731 Lora Rodgers

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