Lake Mary Events Center || Lake Mary, FL

Bride & Groom: Jessica & John
Ceremony/Reception: Lake Mark Events Center
Getting Ready Location: Homewood Suite by Hilton Lake Mary 

Jessica & John’s day was THE Wedding to kick off 2016! I have a ton of personal highlights from their beautiful day and I’m excited to share a handful of them here. Everything about Jessica & John’s day was effortlessly gorgeous. Jessica looked absolutely stunning in her three-quarter illusion sleeved ballgown surrounded by her ladies dressed all in grey and carrying baby’s breath. This sweet couple opted for a First Look as their Ceremony at the wonderful Lake Mary Events Center wasn’t set to start until the early evening of this past January. Since they decided to see each other before the wedding, it allowed us to utilize the gorgeous Winter sunset Florida had been offering all through Winter. We were also able to venture around their Wedding venue for all the best photo opportunities there and get all the family portraits completed pre-ceremony. With that being said, this was actually one of the coldest days we had experienced this past January and I was only moderately prepared for just how cold it was going to be throughout the day. What accentuated that more was the strong cold breeze we were having after the ceremony! Even so, Jessica & John were troopers the entire day and it gave us an opportunity to capture some really sweet moments and warm cuddles together. I loved Jessica’s hair and tiara details she paired with her dress. She went super glitzy with her shoes while nodding to her Wedding colors which reminded me of how pleased I am that the sparkly and non-white wedding shoes are still a trend in the Wedding world! Jessica, John, their friends and family were so sweet and welcoming throughout the day. I enjoyed every moment of photographing this perfectly beautiful day for them.

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