Langford Park || Orlando, FL

Couple: Amanda & Lance

Amanda & Lance had a gorgeous Wedding earlier this year at The Acre which I’m super excited to share in a few weeks! Until then, this is their adorable engagement session which we captured in Langford Park close to the  Downtown Orlando area. I hadn’t photographed this area in a very long time so I was super exciting to visit again and capture some really sweet images.

This adorable couple photographed so beautifully together. Lance knows exactly how to get Amanda laughing and Amanda is a pro when it comes to the “smize” or to simply put it – “smiling with your eyes”. 🙂 They gave such a range of expression during the session that it made them a dream to work with in this stunning location.

We started the session across the road from the main Langford Park hall and utilized the stunning landscaping of florals, tunnels, and bridges. After an outfit change, we headed over to the main park area where we able to play with the large wood bridge, the lush wooded spaces, and the field areas about the park as the sun started to set.

I’ve been recently looking back on past engagement sessions I photographed when I first started out. The difference from then until now has been really interesting. I think about the things I used to do during sessions good & bad as well the equipment I used to use and it’s crazy to think of the place I started. There are definitely times when I lose sight of that and occasionally I need reminders of where I used to be. So, what I’ve thought is that over the next few blogs, I’ll have a little tidbit on how this all started. It’ll be fun for me (maybe even therapeutic. lol!) and hopefully relatively informative for anyone else reading. But until then, Enjoy the gorgeousness of Amanda & Lance’s engagement session! 🙂

Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_001 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_003 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_006 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_004 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_005 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_008 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_007 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_009 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_010 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_011 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_012 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_013 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_014 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_015 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_016 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_017 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_018 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_019 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_020 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_021 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_022 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_023 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_024 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_025 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_026 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_027 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_028 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_029 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_030 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_031 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_042 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_033 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_035 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_036 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_041 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_037 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_038 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_039 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_043 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_044 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_045 Langford_Park_Orlando_Engagement_046 sign

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