Layne + Sam

Here are my absolute favs from Layne + Sam’s Downtown Orlando Wedding day. Sam was actually a groomsman for Lindsey and Bryan’s wedding in January last year. Layne + Sam were also wonderful subjects to one of my favorite engagement sessions last lear so I just knew they’re wedding day was going to be AMAZING to photograph. I had Katy Garcia assist as a second shooter for this one which was fabulous. We photographed the guys getting ready first and then headed on over to the girls. It’s such a funny contrast between the guys and girls getting ready process as the guys always seem so chilled out and as if they get ready for weddings everyday….just sitting around hanging out. No big deal. lol! Then you get to the girls and it’s a huge gush of energy, giggles, and nervousness as soon as you walk through the door. I love that contrast though. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. Layne had ten bridesmaids so there was more than enough giggles to go round! 😉 These two lovelies exchanged vows at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando which is absolutely breath-taking. This church is fairly strict on photography and will only let you shoot through the window during the actual ceremony but it is still very gorgeous inside! Layne + Sam then partied the night away at The Rosalind Club which is hands down AMAZING! The wedding details these two had going on in there were so cute. Like a Pinterest board came to life! 😉 The day was just stunning from start to finish. Loved photographing this one. 🙂

I rarely put family pictures on the blog but I absolutely adore this one of Layne and her lovely Mummy…SO sweet! 🙂  

  1. Layne Spears says:

    Thanks, Lora! You captured beautiful memories of our perfect and wonderful day! We’ll have these photos to look back on for years to come remembering the promiose we made to each other and to God to love each other unconditionally! We were so blessed to have our closest friends and family members there to love on us -and a gretat photographer who captured those memories. THANK YOU! 🙂

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