Layne + Sam

I get asked sometimes “What should I expect at the first meeting?” I’ve worked in sales kind of a lot over the years and have learned instead of selling….teach. Firstly, my meetings are a way for potential couples to put a name to the face. Next, they are a way for us to get to know each other better and lastly, they are for me to find out the needs of my couples and try to match those needs with what I can provide. Sometimes we’re a good fit and that’s great but sometimes we’re not and that’s ok too. I’ve always felt that the pictures speak for themselves so my goal is to showcase my personality and work out what makes you the couple you are. I always knew when I decided to get into this industry that the only way I could produce images that were “real” and genuine were only going to happen if I got on level of comfortability with my couples. I try to always be an open book and listen well when it comes to bonding with couples. I used to get so stuck on whether the couple actually liked me or not that I would nerve myself out of listening to the “how we met story” or the proposal story. Insane right? Although, once I accepted  the reality that not every couple is going to be the right match, I started to forget about my insecurities. Then I was able to listen….properly listen and become completely invested in the couple whether they decided to “roll with me” or not. These days whether or not the couple decides to book me I still I adore learning about all the little quirks that make a couple them. The reality is that as a Bride and Groom, you spend a lot of time with your photographer on your actual wedding day so you might as well be cool with them and like them….a lot. 🙂

Speaking of Proposal stories, meet Layne and Sam who pretty much have one of the sweetest stories I’ve heard in a while! Think fireflies, bear bells, and “twilight golf”. 😉 Layne and Sam’s uber-fun Engagement session started off in Downtown Orlando right around where their wedding ceremony will take place in May and ended in Winter Park. Perhaps you might remember Sam from Lindsey + Bryan’s bridal party last year too! 🙂 These two are just super adorable. I got the sense right away that Layne might be quite the girly girl and I’m glad she was because has got me completely hooked on Pinterest. If you ever get a chance to click around that site, it is amaze! I’ve pretty much planned out my whole imaginary wedding on there. ha! And of course I practically love anything that has an iPhone app to go right along with it. I’m a little obsessed about the sock-bun since meeting Layne too…best invention ever. Definitely google that one, girls! 😉 But yeah, check out their session…it’s one of my favs! 🙂

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