Leu Gardens || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Iga & Stephen

Here are a few images from Iga & Stephen’s Leu Gardens engagement session that I love. Leu Gardens is stunning for a great many and obvious reasons. The only down side is that they do close at different times according to the season. With this being said, lot of the time an engagement session here can only be accomplished for the last hour before closing time if you want to avoid the midday heat. For this reason, I always encourage couples to add an additional location close-by.

I had Iga & Stephen finish the second half of their session along New England Ave. because it’s one of my favorite places and I knew it was going to pretty quite down there around the time we planned.

These two photographed SO sweetly together. Their relaxed nature and fun personalities shone throughout the images which was a real joy to capture that afternoon.

I promised last post for personal tidbits in future blogging entries to give readers an idea of my path to where I am today. So, I’ll go a ways back and share my first taste of “photojournalism”. When I was a 17 year old in High School I entered a Visual Storytelling course for the Orlando Sentinel’s Young journalist workshop they had years ago. I also entered an article I had been working on for weeks into their main event competition. The article I had worked long and hard on never placed anywhere but my photo I submitted on a whim won first place. The photo ended up being featured in the newspaper and I remember just being ecstatic about and really feeling like this might something I delved into one day. A lot more happened between then & now and my choices for life were a lot less clear back then but that moment started the trajectory towards where I am now. But more on that next time! 🙂

Leu_Gardens_Engagement_001 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_002 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_003 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_004 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_005 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_006 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_007 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_008 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_009 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_010 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_011 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_012 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_013 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_014 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_015 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_016 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_017 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_018 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_019 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_020 Leu_Gardens_Engagement_021 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_022 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_023 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_024 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_025 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_026 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_027 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_028 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_029 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_030 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_031 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_032 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_033 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_034 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_035 New_England_Avenue_Engagement_036 sign

  1. I says:

    These came out so wonderfully! Thank you, Lora 🙂

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