Lindsay + Daniel

Here are all my favorite images from Lindsay + Daniel’s Wekiva Springs Engagement session last month. I adore these together. They are SO cute and quirky. We hit it off instantly when I met with them earlier in the year to talk about their 2014 wedding. I then learned that Lindsay and Daniel have a ton of similarities; not only are their personalities super similar but they’re both only children, both their last name’s start with a “G” and they are almost the same height. 😉 I loved every minute of photographing their session and I was so glad that they picked such a fun location. I hadn’t been to Wekiva Springs to take pictures in a couple of years and it appears to have changed quite a bit since I was last there. It’s much prettier than I remembered. But yeah, lovely location for a lovely couple and absolutely can’t WAIT until these two tie the knot next year! It’s going to be filled with a ton of awesomeness. 🙂

IMG_7723 IMG_7733 IMG_7957 IMG_8092 IMG_8186 IMG_8182 IMG_8283 IMG_7747 IMG_8403 IMG_8467 IMG_8407 IMG_8907 IMG_9033 IMG_9055 IMG_8808 IMG_8818 IMG_8861 sign

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