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I look forward to the day I can become insane enough to call myself an “artiste”, until then I’m mildly content with calling myself a lady who “dabbles in the arts a bit”. You may also call me “one who freezes time” because let’s face it, that’ll look pretty flippin’ brilliant on my resume one day.

My dog is my one true love and puppychild. (You will probably discover an unhealthy amount of pictures of miss Darcy Jones on my instagram feed.)

When I want to have a bit of a babble, I blog…mostly about weddingsI’ve recently captured. Sometimes I blog about happenings in my world and the gloriously weird mind of moi. See it Here!

Top, sock, or messy is the shade of bun I’ll probably be wearing when I photograph you for the first time... and every time after that presumably. It’s where I keep all my secrets

Wedding Photographer Orlando Florida


Why Weddings? Um, because I love them!

Yeah. But Why? Well, I’m fascinated by the entire concept of a Wedding day. It would sound crazy and wildly interesting if you tried to explaining the formalities of a typical Wedding day to a martian. (Wilder still would be the fact you’re talking to a martian but tomatoes-potatoes I guess!) But to me, you’ll never have a day quite like the day you are officially joined to your Husband/Wife for life and my actual job (in MY very blessed life) is to photograph that one day for the most amazing couples ever. And quite frankly, it’s the bees knees!

How’d you get your start? Why I’ve been shooting since my womb days! Well…that’s absolutely not true but I had been taking pictures for fun from a youngish age. I won a local photography competition when I was 17 and decided to continue the hobby. I would often drop this new venture like a cold bag of bricks but always find a way to pick it right back up again. Once I graduated film school, I tested the waters with a bunch of random video editing jobs and photographing on the side. Eventually, I just knew Weddings & photography was the “the thing” I was going to be sticking with…for a very long while at least.

I love your accent. Where are you from? Bless your heart! Why I, my friend, am from the glorious green hills of England. (Well not quite the green hills part…more like West of London.)

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Are you married or ever been married? Nop. Never been a Bride which I think helps more than it hinders. I get to photograph your day the way I would if it were my own Wedding day. This means you get the best I can possibly give from your one and only day…even the moments you might not put in your album but you will still cherish for a lifetime. The formalities of a Wedding day are always a pure joy to photograph but I also love to capture all the little things that happen in between.

Are you on Facebook? Absolutely! Let’s be friends and while you’re there give us a Facebook like…it gives me and Darcy the happy feels! :) I’m also a twitterer.

Has your work been featured anywhere? Yes. I’ve had a weddings featured in Orange Appeal, Style Me Pretty, and Belle Bridal Magazine.

Will you travel to photograph a Wedding? Um yeah! Travel fees apply where applicable. So far, I’ve traveled to most of the beautiful U S of A, the Caribbean, and the UK.

Is there anything you won’t photograph? Yep. Anything involving guns, cruelty to animals and snakes. I’m sure there’s a ton more obvs out there but who knows? Try me. Ask and ye shall find: