Melissa + Luke

Here are my faves from Melissa and Luke super cute Engagement Session we shot at Disney Boardwalk. These were shot just a few days before their gorgeous Wedding in Downtown Orlando. It’s been quite some time since I’d shot around Disney and we picked a lovely day to go. This is one of the best times of the year as far as weather goes in Florida. 🙂 Melissa and Luke are so cute around each other…they’re personalities and their interactions were just way sweet. I enjoyed every minute of their session. They made it a joy to capture all their adorable moments together. 🙂

IMG_9991 IMG_0004 Melissa-+-Luke_004 Melissa-+-Luke_020 Melissa-+-Luke_033 Melissa-+-Luke_026 Melissa-+-Luke_036 Melissa-+-Luke_043 Melissa-+-Luke_038 Melissa-+-Luke_039 Melissa-+-Luke_047 Melissa-+-Luke_070 Melissa-+-Luke_074 Melissa-+-Luke_075 Melissa-+-Luke_055 IMG_0447 IMG_0464 Melissa-+-Luke_093 Melissa-+-Luke_104 Melissa-+-Luke_103 Melissa-+-Luke_113 Melissa-+-Luke_114 Melissa-+-Luke_189 Melissa-+-Luke_120 Melissa-+-Luke_133 Melissa-+-Luke_130 Melissa-+-Luke_142 Melissa-+-Luke_145 Melissa-+-Luke_151 Melissa-+-Luke_152 Melissa-+-Luke_184 Lora Rodgers

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    Love love love love!!!

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