So here is the beautiful wedding of Maricar and Jarin. I was able to get to know these two a far amount during their engagement session and found that they were just so super cool and down to to earth which I wasn’t surprised about at all. Maricar and I share a similar “go with the flow type” attitude about things while Jarin pays attention to his environmental and naturalistic side. I’m very big on taking in my surroundings and appreciating nature too. With that being said, Maricar and Jarin wed at the beautiful Mead Gardens in Winter Park. I have a thing for those green benches at this venue…I squeal inside a bit when I see them…I’m weird, I know. haha! These two exchanged vows during one of the quickest ceremonies I had ever seen but it was so to the point and so them that you couldn’t help but love it’s short but sweet element. Their reception was just as lovely surrounded by their nearest and dearest partying the night away. My massively talented brother actually DJ’d for Maricar and Jarin’s reception which was weird and wonderful since we’d never worked together at a wedding before. It was really cool to share the experience with him. 😉 But yeah, the day was gorgeous, the weather was divine, and Maricar had one of the biggest and brightest smiles I’ve seen on a Bride in a while…so pretty. 🙂

  1. Maricar says:

    Hi Lora,
    I am so happy that you took these fabulous photos of our wedding day! I can also have bragging rights that I booked you and your brother to be a part of everything. My friends still talk about how everybody had a great time at the wedding. It really was a memorable experience and thanks to you we have memories to prove it.

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