Melissa + Luke

Here are my faves from Melissa and Luke’s beautiful Wedding day in Downtown Orlando. Their wedding actually marked my last of 2012 and what a gorgeous one to end with. These two lovelies wed inside the intimate but gorgeous Reformation Chapel at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando on Church street. I had only photographed the main church previous to this and I must say both areas are just beautiful and the staff are very helpful and friendly. Their photography rules were a little strict during ceremonies (you can only shoot from the back of the door through windows :/ ) but I hear they are easing up on their policies this year…..but don’t quote me on that. 😉 Anyway, Melissa looked SO pretty right before she met Luke at the alter. Their nervousness was so cute and put at ease with love and support from their friends and family as they got ready to exchange vows. One of my favorite things to photograph pre-ceremony is when I’m lucky enough to photograph friends and family praying over the Bride and Groom before they walk down the aisle. It’s always such a beautiful moment and really sets the tone for their vow exchange. Once Luke and Melissa were officially married, and after we took some gorgeous pictures outside, they enjoyed their sweet reception next door to the church inside Lee Fellowship Hall. It was a perfect evening for them and I enjoyed capturing all of Luke and Melissa’s sweet moments as they danced the night away and socialized with friends and family. Just an amazing day all around. 🙂

Melissa-+-Luke_011 Melissa-+-Luke_009 Melissa-+-Luke_000 Melissa-+-Luke_008 Melissa-+-Luke_019 Melissa-+-Luke_021 Melissa-+-Luke_032 Melissa-+-Luke_042 Melissa-+-Luke_045 Melissa-+-Luke_102 Melissa-+-Luke_132 Melissa-+-Luke_149 Melissa-+-Luke_142 Melissa-+-Luke_284 Melissa-+-Luke_295 Melissa-+-Luke_289 Melissa-+-Luke_083 Melissa-+-Luke_056 Melissa-+-Luke_080 Melissa-+-Luke_216 Melissa-+-Luke_229 Melissa-+-Luke_232 Melissa-+-Luke_270 Melissa-+-Luke_211 Melissa-+-Luke_260 Melissa-+-Luke_153 Melissa-+-Luke_157 Melissa-+-Luke_109 Melissa-+-Luke_108 Melissa-+-Luke_279 Melissa-+-Luke_339 Melissa-+-Luke_355 Melissa-+-Luke_367 Melissa-+-Luke_377 Melissa-+-Luke_405 Melissa-+-Luke_410 Melissa-+-Luke_425 Melissa-+-Luke_476 Melissa-+-Luke_484 Melissa-+-Luke_510 Melissa-+-Luke_518 Melissa-+-Luke_511 Melissa-+-Luke_513 Melissa-+-Luke_539 Melissa-+-Luke_561 Melissa-+-Luke_573 Melissa-+-Luke_556 Melissa-+-Luke_576 Melissa-+-Luke_548 Melissa-+-Luke_542 Melissa-+-Luke_581 Melissa-+-Luke_592 Melissa-+-Luke_608 Melissa-+-Luke_644 Melissa-+-Luke_622 Melissa-+-Luke_621 Melissa-+-Luke_699 Melissa-+-Luke_709 Melissa-+-Luke_624 Melissa-+-Luke_791 Melissa-+-Luke_785 Melissa-+-Luke_796 Melissa-+-Luke_805 Melissa-+-Luke_809 Lora Rodgers

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