Grantham Point Park || Mount Dora, FL

Couple: Kelsey & AJ

Here’s a little session I photographed in Mount Dora on a rather drizzly November afternoon. It was specifically photographed in Grantham Point Park and features a lighthouse, park, dock area, and a bunch of other naturalistic elements perfect for a borderline nautical inspired session. 🙂 Kelsey & AJ finally tied the knot at the beginning of this year and oh em gee that entire Wedding was stunner from start to finish! I can’t wait to share that one. Until then, here’s a few highlight images from their engagement session. I started to capture the two of them walking along the small boardwalk area near by to the lighthouse before moving onto all the other gorgeous areas this location has to offer. I really loved the outfits these two picked out for their session. I think they coordinated their colors really well and they looked comfortable which is key during your photos. Kelsey & AJ also incorporated their love for fishing. I’ve never fished in my life but these two made it look way cuter than I ever could. 😛 We later took the session to the dock area where I was able to photograph them from afar and get some pretty sweet negative space images surrounded by the lake while they just sat there and looked extra adorable. 🙂 There was something very effortless and natural in the way Kelsey & AJ displayed their affection towards one another. It’s the type of serene but fun energy that I love to photograph and these two brought that in spades. Having a great location, lighting, and “pose” ideas is only half the battle when it comes to engagement sessions. Challenging yourself to get the images that translate the most about the couples uniqueness is high on that list and hopefully that’s what’s clear about Kelsey & AJ’s images too. 🙂

Mount_Dora_Engagement_024 Mount_Dora_Engagement_023 Mount_Dora_Engagement_022 Mount_Dora_Engagement_021 Mount_Dora_Engagement_020 Mount_Dora_Engagement_019 Mount_Dora_Engagement_018 Mount_Dora_Engagement_005 Mount_Dora_Engagement_017 Mount_Dora_Engagement_016 Mount_Dora_Engagement_015 Mount_Dora_Engagement_014 Mount_Dora_Engagement_004 Mount_Dora_Engagement_003 Mount_Dora_Engagement_013 Mount_Dora_Engagement_002 Mount_Dora_Engagement_012 Mount_Dora_Engagement_011 Mount_Dora_Engagement_001 Mount_Dora_Engagement_031 Mount_Dora_Engagement_032 Mount_Dora_Engagement_007 Mount_Dora_Engagement_034 Mount_Dora_Engagement_033 Mount_Dora_Engagement_006 Mount_Dora_Engagement_035 Mount_Dora_Engagement_027 Mount_Dora_Engagement_009 Mount_Dora_Engagement_030 Mount_Dora_Engagement_008 Mount_Dora_Engagement_029 Mount_Dora_Engagement_028 Mount_Dora_Engagement_025 Mount_Dora_Engagement_026 Mount_Dora_Engagement_045 Mount_Dora_Engagement_042 Mount_Dora_Engagement_043 Mount_Dora_Engagement_041 Mount_Dora_Engagement_047 Mount_Dora_Engagement_010 Mount_Dora_Engagement_046 Mount_Dora_Engagement_039 Mount_Dora_Engagement_038 Mount_Dora_Engagement_040 Mount_Dora_Engagement_036 Mount_Dora_Engagement_048 sign

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