Myrsuelle + Jonathan

The day after Angela and Jason’s wedding I photographed Myrsuelle and Jonathan’s October nuptials at the lovely Paradise Cove. I have previously attended a wedding there but never photographed one at this location. I was pretty excited since I sort of knew what to expect in regards to the venue. We prepared ourselves for an outside Ceremony and canopy covered reception. Of course this was the weekend of all that crazy weather I must have brought back from England with me so an outside ceremony was not to be. Myrsuelle and Jonathan’s gorgeous ceremony was brought into the reception location which actually worked out quite well in the end since the rained stopped just enough to where we could still photography their family, bridal party, and officially married images outside. Regardless of how the weather may have been “last year”, you must always plan for the worst and hope for the best. I think we worked around the elements quite well and I was honored to capture such a special milestone in this lovely couples life. (Can I also just say First Looks are amazing! I used to be on the fence about them but the lately the few I’ve done lately have made me fall completely in love with the whole idea. I will definitely opt for a First Look if I get the opportunity. Without doubt.) 🙂

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