Nicole + Christian

Here are my absolute favorite images of Nicole + Christian who I photographed last month in Downtown Winter Garden. We had been planning this session for quite some time and finally picked a day that didn’t have events going on or a terrible weather forecast. 😉 I absolutely adored their wardrobe choices. I’m not very good at suggesting clothing ideas for men. As long as their comfortable is always my motto. But these two are a great example of how to compliment each other as opposed to being matchy-matchy. 😉 The chemistry that’s between Christian and Nicole is SO perfect. They are very well suited for one another. They also met online which I love! People wouldn’t believe the amount of couples I meet these days who met on a dating site. I think it’s lovely and obviously works! 😉 We photographed their session in and around the main areas of the little town. What I love most about Winter Garden is the wide array of backdrops that are so close to each other. It’s one of my favorite places to shoot without doubt. After a wardrobe change we headed over to the dock area as the sun was going down. It was the perfect end to an amazing shoot. I enjoyed every moment of that afternoon getting to know Christian and Nicole better and talking about their November Wedding day. It’s going to be gorgeous! 🙂

IMG_4016 IMG_4023 IMG_3813 IMG_3877 IMG_4054 IMG_4062 IMG_4068 IMG_4116 IMG_4159 IMG_4237 IMG_4339 IMG_4369 IMG_4458 IMG_4504 IMG_4512 IMG_4534 IMG_4633 IMG_4657 IMG_4706 IMG_4796 IMG_4826 IMG_4832 IMG_4883 IMG_4909 IMG_4944 IMG_4973 IMG_5013 IMG_5073

To see more of Nicole + Christian’s Engagement Session, CLICK HERE to see the Slideshow!



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