Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate || Championsgate, FL

Bride & Groom: Meghan & Rory
Ceremony/ReceptionOmni Orlando Resort at ChampionsgateCoordinatorKyle Grafton at Blush
Florist: Carly Ane’s Floral Studio
Cake ArtistParty Flavors
OfficiateSteve Swan
HarpistChristine McPhail

RentalsOrlando Wedding & Party Rentals
Dress DesignerDavid’s Bridal
Bridesmaid DressesDessy Dresses
VideographerBrandon Kari Productions
Second Shooter(s)Cat Lemus & Jamie Crowell

It’s one more sleep until 4th July but until then, I have some highlights images to share from Meghan & Rory’s Omni Resort Wedding Day which was also “Pi Day”. Now, I thought we were going to eat pie all day but that was not Pi day is intended for apparently. Shame really. 😉 Anyway, I had been SO excited to document this day for these two. We had spent quite a bit of time together throughout the lead up to the big day and I just knew it was going to be an amazing day to be able to document for Meghan & Rory. The day started off with me photographing the girl’s getting ready process where everyone was getting their hair and makeup done in Omni’s bridal area. We always start with the Bride’s detail images on a wedding day which mostly includes jewelry, perfume, rings, invitation suite, sentimental items Bride will have with her, and obviously the dress! I always encourage Brides to choose a decent hanger for their dress as they photograph so much nicer than those clanky plastic ones. Later on, the lovely Cat Lemus arrived to second shoot and capture Rory with his groomsmen getting ready. Meghan and Rory had opted for a First Look for their wedding day which meant they were able to take all their pictures pre-ceremony and then they could head straight to their reception after that walk back down the aisle as husband and wife….well after a few “officially married” images of course. 😉 The reception evening was one of the funnest, most energetic nights I had been able to photograph in a while. The day was just perfect overall. I have a huge fondness towards this gorgeous day and the exquisite couple it was celebrating. 🙂

Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_021 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_020 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_028 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_009 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_023 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_008 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_029 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_022 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_010 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_025 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_026 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_027 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_002 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_030 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_031 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_019 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_003 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_044 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_004 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_043 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_042 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_005 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_040 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_041 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_012 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_039 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_007 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_032 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_033 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_035 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_037 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_006 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_036 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_038 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_061 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_058 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_057 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_060 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_056 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_055 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_052 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_054 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_014 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_053 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_051 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_050 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_048 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_049 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_011 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_045 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_013 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_076 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_074 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_075 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_017 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_073 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_018 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_046 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_069 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_068 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_067 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_070 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_015 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_066 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_065 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_062 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_064 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_077 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_078 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_079 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_080 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_081 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_082 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_083 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_084 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_086 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_095 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_087 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_088 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_089 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_099 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_098 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_096 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_093 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_094 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_092 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_091 Orlando_Omni_Resort_Wedding_016


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