Paradise Cove || Lake Buena Vista, FL

Bride & Groom: Gio & Illich
Ceremony/ReceptionParadise Cove
Getting Ready LocationWyndham Grand Resort
Dress Designer: Brides Against Breast Cancer

I have a few highlight images to share from Giovanna & Illich’s Paradise Cove Wedding Day. I believe I’ve mentioned before how much I love this venue. The staff are very helpful & easy-going and the venue is an ideal Wedding spot for a proper Floridian event. Personally, I feel a big factor to consider when picking a Wedding venue is where you’ll get ready and step into your dress on the day. I think Paradise Cove has the perfect Bridal house/suite for this. It’s spacious, fits with the venue theme & colors, and it’s right on property so no need to arrange transportation from getting ready location to Paradise Cove. The men’s holding area on the other hand is quite a bit smaller than the Bridal area depending on the size of the Wedding party BUT because this venue is right by the lake, there are a few hotels across the lake that the Groom and his entourage can get ready in and then hop on a speed boat to make their grand entrance into the venue at the start of the Ceremony. I mean what guy doesn’t want to enter their Ceremony on a boat? Pretty cool stuff and extra convenient. 🙂 Gio had her makeup process done at Wyndham Lakes which worked out well too since it was still very close-by to the venue. I actually worked with Gio at the Apple store years ago and I also happened to be in NYC the same week Illich proposed to her there so it was pretty cool to reconnect again, catch up, and then be able to document this gorgeous day for the two of them! 🙂 They are the absolute sweetest human beings and I feel honored to have captured this day.

Paradise_Cove_Wedding003 Paradise_Cove_Wedding002 Paradise_Cove_Wedding004 Paradise_Cove_Wedding007 Paradise_Cove_Wedding009 Paradise_Cove_Wedding010 Paradise_Cove_Wedding012 Paradise_Cove_Wedding013 Paradise_Cove_Wedding014 Paradise_Cove_Wedding015 Paradise_Cove_Wedding016 Paradise_Cove_Wedding020 Paradise_Cove_Wedding017 Paradise_Cove_Wedding023 Paradise_Cove_Wedding024 Paradise_Cove_Wedding025 Paradise_Cove_Wedding026 Paradise_Cove_Wedding027 Paradise_Cove_Wedding028 Paradise_Cove_Wedding029 Paradise_Cove_Wedding030 Paradise_Cove_Wedding031 Paradise_Cove_Wedding032 Paradise_Cove_Wedding037 Paradise_Cove_Wedding038 Paradise_Cove_Wedding039 Paradise_Cove_Wedding040 Paradise_Cove_Wedding041 Paradise_Cove_Wedding042 Paradise_Cove_Wedding043 Paradise_Cove_Wedding045 Paradise_Cove_Wedding046 Paradise_Cove_Wedding047 Paradise_Cove_Wedding048 Paradise_Cove_Wedding049 Paradise_Cove_Wedding050 Paradise_Cove_Wedding051 Paradise_Cove_Wedding053 Paradise_Cove_Wedding054 Paradise_Cove_Wedding055 Paradise_Cove_Wedding060 Paradise_Cove_Wedding057 Paradise_Cove_Wedding059   Paradise_Cove_Wedding062 Paradise_Cove_Wedding063 Paradise_Cove_Wedding064 Paradise_Cove_Wedding065 Paradise_Cove_Wedding066 Paradise_Cove_Wedding067 Paradise_Cove_Wedding068 Paradise_Cove_Wedding070 Paradise_Cove_Wedding071 Paradise_Cove_Wedding069 Paradise_Cove_Wedding072 Paradise_Cove_Wedding073 Paradise_Cove_Wedding074 Paradise_Cove_Wedding075 Paradise_Cove_Wedding076 Paradise_Cove_Wedding077 Paradise_Cove_Wedding078 Paradise_Cove_Wedding080 Paradise_Cove_Wedding081 Paradise_Cove_Wedding079 Paradise_Cove_Wedding082 Paradise_Cove_Wedding083 Paradise_Cove_Wedding085 Paradise_Cove_Wedding089 Paradise_Cove_Wedding087 Paradise_Cove_Wedding090 Paradise_Cove_Wedding096 Paradise_Cove_Wedding091 Paradise_Cove_Wedding100 Paradise_Cove_Wedding094 Paradise_Cove_Wedding103 Paradise_Cove_Wedding104 Paradise_Cove_Wedding106 Paradise_Cove_Wedding108 sign

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