Rollins College || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Sarah & Justtin

Today, I have Sarah & Justtin’s Rollins College engagement session to show & tell. 🙂 This sweet couple will exchange vows in just a few days and I simply cannot wait to capture what I know is going to be a fabulous day. Until then, feast your eyes on a few personal faves and some highlights from their Winter Park engagement session.

I started the session off capturing Sarah & Justtin around the main school grounds and all my favorite places there. This was about mid-March so the light was pretty fabulous that day as well as the weather being extra comfortable for a change. I definitely recommend that couple photograph their sessions between now and mid-April/early-May for the most comfortable weather here in Florida. 🙂

After an outfit change we then headed over to Rollins college Dinky Dock which is a popular spot for photos. Luckily, I have yet to run into other photographers there but now that I’ve put it out there it will surely happen to me next time. lol! I don’t mind it at all but that particular area isn’t as spread out as I’d like it to be so alternate options are limited unless you start walking back to the college. 😛

I remember when I first started getting into photography properly and Winter Park was always the “go-to” location for session. Over the years, it’s popularity has grown so much that have to stop taking weekend sessions there unless it’s an early morning session. I was just there this past Saturday morning and I must say that morning sessions are becoming my new favorite thing! The lighting is just as good as the afternoon and it’s 100% way more quiet which is a huge plus!

All in all, this was the loveliest of sessions for one of the loveliest of couples and just cannot wait to capture all that their Wedding day has in store! 🙂

Rollins_College_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_001 Rollins_College_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_002 Rollins_College_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_003 Rollins_College_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_004 Rollins_College_Winter_Park_Florida_Engagement_005 sign

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