Rollins College || Winter Park, FL

Couple: Shaina & Michael

It appears as though it’ve been posting quite a few Winter Park engagement sessions on the blog lately so I figure best to keep that streak going! 😉 Today, I’ve selected some of the highlight images and a bunch of personal selections from Shaina & Michael’s session. We started the afternoon off with a few captures along my favorite Winter Park road and then of course completing the session at Rollins college.

One of the great things I enjoy at Rollins college is the amount of areas there are to photograph around. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve captured the school, I always manage to find new areas I want to document. Finding a way to look at Rollins differently from the last time is always a goal of mine too. But we did actually stumble upon quite a bit gorgeous weather & lighting all throughout the afternoon. Overcast weather is my fave when taking pictures in Florida and this day was no different!

I SO enjoyed photographing this session for Shaina & Michael. They are the sweetest, most down-to-earth couple and they are a complete joy to capture. They were effortlessly able to make each other laugh in front of the camera which is just a dream to photograph. They were also very trusting of the photographic vision I had for their images. I also love that Shaina and Michael picked a location that was sentimental to the two of them and their relationship because I feel it gave their pictures that little extra uniqueness.

Overall, I’m really pleased we had this opportunity to get to know one another better and talk all things Wedding related. Their day will be one of a few Weddings in January to kick off 2017 and simply can’t wait to capture what I know is going to be a stunning event!

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  1. Mom says:

    You two😍😍
    So beautiful together!

  2. ellen dreznin says:

    Beautiful couple I wish the both of you happiness together always

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